What we do

Our Strategic Approach

Empowering an African child is empowering Africa. Empowering an African child is giving hope to the continent of Africa by raising leaders who are spiritually, intellectually and morally prepped to address the various challenges facing the continent.

Education Scholarship

We provide scholarships to ensure all children of school age are not denied the opportunity of a good education. We understand that it is not just enough to get children to school, it is also important to invest in their well-being. In doing this, we also provide basic instructional materials and daily meals to students.

Infrastructural Project

The right environment is a necessity in educating the African child. Through a strategic partnership approach, we invest in the building and renovating of school infrastructures such as classrooms, libraries, computer labs and hostels across various African communities.

Raising Awareness for the African Child

We give voice to the African child through our advocacy campaigns in raising awareness on issues affecting marginalized children across various communities in Africa. We are invested in issues such as children rights, mental health and welfare.