Girls Hygiene Project

Educating 100 Teenage Girls

The Girls Hygiene Project which was held in Christian Learning Centre, Minna, Niger State was held to educate and empower 100 teenage girls regarding their menstrual and reproductive health.

Alongside the “demystifing of different myths that concerns the girl child, 6 months supply of sanitary pads, free FLOW menstrual hygiene books, pants and bathing soaps.

We also had private conversations with a good number of the girls and we realized that the girls use “rags” for their period and some aren’t even allowed to live normally while they are menstruating.

There is a need to endeavour that this program runs as often as possible and also in other underserved regions.

Driving Change

Bank Details for Support

Account name: Mission Enablers – Children Empowerment Fund
Account number: 2034475724
Bank: First Bank Plc (Naira Account)

Account name: Mission Enablers
Account number: 2034475762
Bank: First Bank Plc (USD account)