Should their Future be taken from them? Let's give them an Option

Our drive is to ensure all children of school age are not denied the opportunity of a good education.

The current situation of things

According to UNICEF, This is due to the destruction of school buildings and several educational facilities by the notorious sect, Boko Haram.  It should be noted that the meaning of Boko Haram is ‘Western education is a sin’. This goes to show what their major focus is. Once they are able to bring educational activities in the north to a stop, it will be easy for them to use the unschooled children who don’t know better as agents of destruction.


As a result of the negative impact terrorism has had on the economy of the north, several parents have been unable to send their children back to school or pay for their academic expenses.


Child marriages
The stay at home decision that was made by many of these children and their parents has led to several unhealthy things such as early marriages, unwanted pregnancies, and the worst of all, recruitment by religious extremists such as Boko Haram.

To give you a clearer idea of this problem, reports show that about 62 percent of girls in northeastern Nigeria get married before their 18th birthday and 23.5 percent of them before their 15th birthday. It’s difficult for these children, once they are married, to continue with their education.

The current plan of action

Having completed 3 school building projects in Northern Nigeria and done a host of other things, the Children Empowerment Fund has decided to embark on a Back to school campaign.

We have identified 50 children who are currently out of school or are not able to get back to school in the coming term. We want to help them return to school. In other words, their school fees as well as academic materials are paid for - for a session.

What this will result into

This campaign will go a long way in ensuring children return to school so they can become useful members of society. This way, we would greatly reduce and eventually eradicate the use of uneducated children as prey/victims for religious extremists and political propaganda. It will also help to raise children who will then enlighten their community on the inappropriateness of child marriages as well as sexual misconduct.

How you can come in

It costs as little as ₦100,000 to send a child back to school, and provide them study materials for a session, and to make this a reality, we are counting on your benevolence and generosity.

When you give N50,000, you will be keeping a child in school for another term. Your N100,000 gift will keep them in school for another session. Help us keep their dreams alive!

Sponsors A

1 – 50 Children

N100,000 – N5 million

Sponsors B

51 – 100 Children

N5.1 million – N10 million

Sponsors C

101- 150 Children

N10.1 million – N15 million

Driving Change

Bank Details for Support

Account name: Mission Enablers – Children Empowerment Fund
Account number: 2034475724
Bank: First Bank Plc (Naira Account)

Account name: Mission Enablers
Account number: 2034475762
Bank: First Bank Plc (USD account)