About Us

Children Empowerment Fund

Children Empowerment Funds is an arm of Mission Enablers Africa, established to meet the educational and physical needs of Children in Northern Nigeria and other remote parts of Africa. Working with missionaries helped us see the wide educational gap that exists in the Northern part of Nigeria and some African countries.

Brief history

Our mission trip to the northern region of Nigeria to share the gospel of Jesus Christ exposed us to the wide educational gap affecting the region. Through our missions to other African countries, we also discovered that many African countries were also facing similar issues with regards to their educational system, especially in the rural areas.

The few schools we had the opportunity to visit lacked the basic amenities required to create a conducive environment for learning. Many of the students attending these schools are underprivileged and are unable to afford subsidized school fees and even purchase basic school items to facilitate their learning.

The situation on the ground is alarming and demands an immediate response. Children do not have access to clean water, clothes and shoes. Schools lack the right infrastructure and basic instructional materials to facilitate a conducive environment for learning.

Children Empowerment Fund was established to address the gap in children’s educational and welfare needs. We believe we can effectively change the narrative and drive transformational change in communities across Africa by empowering children.