Project Red Robots

Empowering 130 Vulnerable Girls

In partnership with Children Empowerment Fund of Mission Enablers Africa, the Project Red Robot empowered 130 vulnerable girls in Karon Majigi IDP camp, Abuja with menstrual hygiene education and provision of free FLOW menstrual hygiene education book, as well as 6months worth of sanitary pads. This was done through the Red Robots event, a two-day event for the girls to share with other girls and build a network of confident girls. The girls acquired knowledge on menstrual hygiene and their overall health status. At the event, myths and misconceptions that surround puberty and menstruation were also demystified.


6-months’ worth of Sanitary Pads to 130 girls


3- months worth of Bathing soap to 130 girls


5 Underwear Panties each for 130 girls


130 Copies of FLOW menstrual Hygiene book

Driving Change

Bank Details for Support

Account name: Mission Enablers – Children Empowerment Fund
Account number: 2034475724
Bank: First Bank Plc (Naira Account)

Account name: Mission Enablers
Account number: 2034475762
Bank: First Bank Plc (USD account)