No Education, No Light



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Startling facts

According to data from UNICEF, Nigeria is a “country of the young” and almost half of the entire population which is about 180 million are currently under the age of 15. This data was given as of 2020.

“Even though primary education is officially free and compulsory, about 10.5 million of the country’s children aged 5-14 years are not in school. Only 61 percent of 6-11 year-olds regularly attend primary school and only 35.6 percent of children aged 36-59 months receive early childhood education”. (UNICEF)

It is said to be worse in the Northern part of the country as the net attendance rate is 53 percent.


Potential Effects 

“Education is not preparation for life; education is life itself”.

John Dewey.

This statement right here hits hard! If education is life itself, what happens to a society without education?

The fire that education brings into society is what makes society lively.


Education is a ray of light in the darkness. It certainly is a hope for a good life. Education is a basic right of every Human on this Planet. To deny this right is evil.


The absence of education in a society implies that there’s darkness all over such a society. Darkness in itself births a whole lot of other awful experiences.

Just imagine you walk into a room without light, you are at risk of hitting your leg against something or even colliding with a very hard object.

Bringing this very close, it is apparent that the absence of quality education in some communities in Nigeria is directly linked to the socio-economic problems that has bedeviled the nation . The northern part of Nigeria has been ravaged by all sorts of vices and it can be said that one reason is the absence of quality education.

The statistics above show that if something isn’t done about reducing this percentage drastically, the country’s future will remain very bleak. Education is a very important investment for a nation as it produces huge benefits. It is one of the elements important to nation-building.


Is there a way out?

The responsibility lies in the hands of the people essentially. As a citizen, you should be willing to defy all odds to see to the growth of your nation. The fact that the government isn’t playing her part shouldn’t excuse you from playing your part. You are a Nigerian and you own Nigeria!


The education and empowerment of children in Nigeria will contribute a great deal to what comes out of Nigeria in a few years from now. It is your responsibility to ensure that the negligence of the government doesn’t break the nation completely. Yes, you can do a lot!


Final thoughts

As little as you think your resources are, they would help a great deal. A popular saying goes “if one can reach out to one, the society will be a better place “. If you reach one person, you have succeeded. Empower a child, Educate a child with your “little drops”. As they say, ”little drops make the mighty ocean”.

It’s important that you as a person stand to see that the darkness that lack of education brings doesn’t cover the nation completely.

Educate a child, illuminate the world!


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